a new start   a new appearance  

Like a duck to water—art installation in the main hall of Mass innovation and entrepreneurship week

5G Innovation Park

Alibaba Group Headquarters

Green development of urban and rural areas “lucid waters, lush mountains and boundless paddy field”

entrepreneurship and innovation   the holy land of civilization  Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City 

open a new chapter  start a new journey   Vertical View of the Future High-tech City

Xiaogucheng village in Jinshan Town

Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City

Culture and Arts Center of Liangzhu

Longwu Reservoir

Dream Town

Mojiaoshan Site

Rong Library for Designers

Twin engines drive economic take-off    Dream Town

Headquarters of the First Hospital of Zhejiang Province

Zhijiang Lab

Artificial Intelligence Town